Thanks to our energetic volunteer, Milica Zlatić, KEC has a new initiative called “Slatko Druženje”. Once a month a different Belgrade based bakery, cake shop, coffee house or restaurant welcomes the KEC beneficiaries into their shop and shares some of their culinary creations. The first of these get-togethers was sponsored by Poslastičarnica on Maršala Birjuzova Street. The owners welcomed us into their cozy shop and told us about how they make their very special Italian style gelatto. November’s “Slatko Druženje” was sponsored by HomeMade Company.In December we decorated cookies with Biljana from BB Cookies and enjoyed fresh squeezed natural juices from  Zdravo Živo. Finally, Bagel Бејгл sponsored a New Year’s lunch for us in our center.

It is hard for our staff and beneficiaries to come to any kind of agreement as to which of these specialties is the best. In the end we just had to agree that they are all the best.

Contact us at if you want to become part of our Slatko Druženje.


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