Creative Educational Center KEC has started a plastic bottle cap collection under the slogan “Handicap for Handicap”.  The KEC beneficiaries started the campaign in order to help our friend and volunteer Milica Ilić. Milica volunteers at the KEC center filling the entire center with her joyful piano playing. She comes to our center in her free time when she is not studying for her degree in Special Education.

While Milica is so committed to brightening our center with her piano playing we have committed ourselves to trying to help Milica. She has been blind from birth and while this has not stopped her from pursuing her dreams of helping others her studies would be greatly enhanced with a machine to translate Cyrillic and Latin text into Braille. In order to help her KEC is hoping to collect 17 tons of bottle caps to cover the cost of the machine and help Milica finish her degree.


We hope that you too will want to help Milica. Bring your bottle caps to the KEC center at Kraljevića Marka 4. If the center is open come inside so we can thank you and if not there is a box outside for the bottle caps.

Check out Milica and KEC’s story!


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