“Fruit Rolls” no additives or preservatives

Gardenika’s Fruit Rolls, made in cooperation with KEC Creative Educational Center, can be purchased at the KEC center at Kraljevića Marka 4 near Zeleni venac. You can also order by phone: 064 680 97 51,  e-mail: kecmnro@eunet.rs or larger orders can be delivered.

You can also purchase the rolls in select health food stores, most DM markets and some Mercator stores. If your local store doesn’t carry Gardenika’s products have them give us a call!!

Gardenika can personalize the packaging so you can use the fruit rolls to promote whatever it is you do.

Here’s to healthy yummy snacks!!

Price per pack with 3 rolls, a total weight of 15-20 grams. 50 dinars.