In Spring 2017, KEC began collecting bottle caps to help our long-time volunteer Milica Ilić. Milica is a blind student finishing the Faculty for Special Education in Belgrade and a regular volunteer at the KEC center. When she comes to KEC she plays the piano and sings with our clients. After jamming with Milica everyone has a smile on their face.

In the last six months KEC has been working hard to collect enough bottle caps to put a smile on Milica’s face. We are working to collect enough bottle caps to buy Milica an Elbraille Notetaker. With this tool Milica will be able to stay connected and productive no matter where she is. This devise will help Milica as she finishes her degree and assist her as she integrates into the workplace. Click here to listen to Milica describe what it would mean to her.


To date we have collected 1 ton of bottle caps but we still have 16 tons to go. To collect the first ton we had a lot of help from our supporters including:

Chamber of Commerce of Serbia- Novi Sad Regional Chamber
Hotel Hyatt Science and Technology Park
Erste Bank
Stari Grad Health Clinic
Ardagh Group
Catholic Bishop of Belgrade
Many many generous citizens

We still have a long way to go to get that equipment for Milica. We can’t do it alone. We are asking you to ask some friends, colleagues or neighbors to join us.

Save the caps and help Milica.


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